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Engaging, Cinematic Training Videos for Your Team

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We’ve all been there; long training sessions for new jobs can put employees to sleep if the content is not engaging enough. Some of it is too long, some of it rambles, and some of it straight up doesn’t make sense. Red Plaid Films eliminates these issues, creating cinematic training videos that are memorable and engaging.


Save Money

Training your employees properly can save your company money by preventing costly accidents in the future. If employees are paying attention to their training, they’re more likely to retain it. However, if training content is boring, it’s rendered useless. Spending less money on training videos usually results in costly mistakes in the future.


Employee Conversion Rates

Providing a welcoming company culture to new employees keeps them excited to work for you for years to come. They will always remember training days that were enticing, engaging, and fun. Training videos are a key component to this. Recall the last time you laughed at a company meeting. The information that was shared made you feel good about working there, didn’t it?


Modernize Your Business

Similarly, it’s too easy for companies to get lost in the fray. Anyone can make captivating content, and anyone can create an exciting brand. However, no one can do your brand quite like you can. Therefore, modernizing your business with cinematic training videos is just a small way that you can stand out from the crowd. Make people excited to work for you.


Increase Productivity

Happy, well-trained employees are productive employees. Employees who retain information they obtained in training videos are twice as likely to be productive than those who forgot what they learned during training days. Even old episodes of cartoons remind us that engaged employees are successful employees, and successful employees create successful businesses.

Your success is our success. As a result, we are committed to helping your brand create cinematic training videos that help your business stand out among the crowd. The spotlight is on you, and you want to make sure that your employees are with you for the long haul. If you have a vision for your cinematic training videos, request your free strategy from Red Plaid Films today.

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