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Get your business front and center with professional, cinematic branding by Red Plaid Films. Our beautifully edited videos supercharge any marketing plan, giving your company long-lasting name recognition. We’re honored to serve small- to medium-sized businesses in the DFW area, collaborating with entrepreneurs to show the world why their vision matters. We have the skill and dedication to capture businesses in any industry and would be glad to show you what we can do.


Cinematic Branding Videos

When people invest in your product or service, they’re actually investing in your story. Yes, they likely need what you offer, but it’s your story that will convince them to choose you over the competition. That’s why it’s so important to present your business professionally and authentically. Red Plaid Films is the best at what we do, which makes us the best choice for your company. Get started today.

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Training Videos

Engaging Training Videos can save your company a lot of money. Having properly trained employees reduces accidents and increases productivity across the board. We've worked with several companies upgrading their outdated training and orientation videos to produce entertaining and informative material that keeps employees engaged from start to finish.

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Event Recaps

Covering your events are an amazing way to show your customers and colleagues that your business is a Mover and a Shaker. Retreats, Awards Nights, Trips, or Conferences; Red Plaid Films can cover your event and wrap it up in a 3-5 minute recap package.


Social Media Content

Content is KING! In order to stay present with your customers, you have to keep posting. This is the world we live in with social media. Red Plaid Films can produce engaging social media content that keeps your customers paying attention to your company.

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Video Marketing Strategies

Just having a video, or series of videos isn't enough! Red Plaid Films can help you put your new content to cation with our proven video marketing strategies. Not all businesses are created the same, and not all companies need the same marketing strategy. Red Plaid Films custom builds a strategy for your business's needs.


Dallas Fort Worth Video Production

Our skilled artists are eager to showcase your company and boost your brand’s presence. We offer both live-action and 3-D animation options, and we’re especially glad to come to your business and film on-site. From the moment you contact us until we wrap up your video project, you’ll enjoy our collaborative approach and commitment to your vision. Contact us to get started.