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Using Instagram Reels for your Video Marketing Strategy

You may or may not have already known this, but Instagram offers 5 different ways to utilize video in your online content marketing strategy - Posts, Stories, Live, IGTV and Reels! That's 5 different and very unique ways to reach your audience. You should find a way to utilize each one.. they all have their own strengths, but I will be creating a series of Blogs that will help you determine which platform you should host your content on. Let’s start with the newest addition, Instagram Reels:

The amazing thing about Instagram Reels is that it's new. Instagram is currently pushing early adopters to this placement, which means you could organically reach an audience you don't currently have. Here are some of the Pros vs Cons on Instagram Reels:


  • Unpaid organic reach!

Because this is such a new platform on the site, Instagram is giving priority to the content using this feature. That means you can have a higher viewership than a typical Post or IGTV placement. Users report a higher reach and engagement on their reels than other Instagram content, even when using the same or similar content in different placements.*

  • Easy to share

Due to the length of the content, users typically have a higher retention and share rate. Let’s be honest, our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Sometimes, 0:15-1:00m videos can yield the best results when trying to get our point across in selling our products.

  • Permanent Placement

Reels have a permanent placement on your Instagram wall, which means they can be found by viewers as long as you keep it public. This can be beneficial for that customer who needs just a “little more” information before committing to the sale.


  • They aren’t easy to discover for your current audience.

Now, this may seem counter productive to our first PRO, but Reels at the moment are discovered by people using the platform, but that doesn’t mean that your current audience is using Reels… if that makes sense. Reels is almost a "platform within a platform" or Platformception... haha.

  • Lower Quality Video (sometimes.. I guess)

This one is kindof a bummer to me. Users currently report a loss in quality after uploading to Reels, and I’ve certainly experienced this myself. Although the best format for Reels is 1080x1920 or a 9:16 ratio, that doesn’t mean you video won’t be compressed to a lower quality after upload for some users. It’s really kindof hit and miss, but you can view several vlogs and videos that help you determine the best formats and, oddly enough, upload speeds. I don’t know why that is a factor, but apparently it is…

  • Not Schedule-able

Most marketing strategies utilize a scheduling app for posting their content, but unfortunately, Reels currently doesn’t have that capability. Until it does, it looks like you’re on your own for posting the content in the peak times your audience is viewing.

These are just a few of the Pros and Cons that I’ve found when researching the value of using Instagram Reels for your Video Marketing Strategy! What are some of the ones you’ve experienced? Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message at and I will gladly add it to this Blog and tag your website. Until then, keep learning and keep growing! If we all grow together, one day we’ll see each other at the top. Love you guys!

- Jeff Hamm