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Modern cinematography is a complex art form. Every creator and viewer alike have their own tastes, making it difficult to adhere to everyone’s tastes or expectations. This is especially true for your business, where your audience already has an idea of what to expect from you. Our elite video production services at Red Plaid Films in Dallas help you convey your business’s story authentically with our cinematic branding videos.

Behind the scenes production on a small film set.

Why Choose Us?

Red Plaid Films has built rapport with several entrepreneurs around the world based upon our dedication to telling their stories with respect. You want to reach a wider audience, but you want to do so organically. Our cinematic branding videos do just that, converting interested leads into long-term fans.

A professional filmmaker using a handheld shooter to film a short film.

Awards and Recognition

Red Plaid Films has been granted awards and recognition from institutions like Billboard, 168 Film Fest, Merry Scary Christmas Film Festival, and Shriekfest. Additionally, Red Plaid Films has helped on several feature films like Copper Bill, The Rodeo Thief, and Honor Among Thieves.

A professional filmmaker creating content for a business’s social media.

Social Media Content

These days, solid social media content is king if you want to stay ahead of the game. Your social media content should be engaging, clear, and relevant to your brand and its services. We’ll help you keep your audience hooked, always returning to see what you have coming up next.

A small business leveraging a professional filmmaking company for an event.

Cinematic Branding Videos

Our Cinematic Branding Videos are an essential part of any marketing funnel. Video is a clear way to tell your story authentically, ensuring that your audience is ready to invest in your brand. Red Plaid Films is the best in our industry, and we’ll be sure to make you the best in yours.

Red Plaid Films understands that storytelling is an intricate process. It must be authentic, articulate, and engaging if it is to be successful. We don’t just walk the walk; our work speaks for itself, and that is why we have been recognized by several industry leaders as the best in the business. If you need video production services in Dallas Fort Worth, Red Plaid Films is here to help. Contact us to begin getting your story in front of your dream audience today.

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